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Product Details

Plasite 4503
Plasite 4503 is a solvent-free, highly wetting (penetrating), high performance epoxy coating designed as a primer for internal tank linings for chemical or other commodity storage. It is ideally suited as a primer for both new steel and tank relines where severely pitted steel bottoms are common. It has exceptional chemical resistance properties and is recommended with an appropriate topcoat for petroleum-based cargoes including crude oil; fuel oils, gasoline and gasoline blends, and ethanol storage. It has extremely fast cure times for turnaround projects that require placing the tank back in service quickly. The product has a unique ability to be applied as a prime coat for severely pitted steel for complete coverage while providing a suitable base coat for subsequent lining systems.
SDS & Product Data Sheets
- Plasite 4503 PDS
- Plasite 4503 SDS Part A
- Plasite 4503 SDS Part B
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