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Product Details

Phenoline Tank Shield Plus
This product is a solvent free, low temperature cure, high performance epoxy lining designed to handle common cargoes in the oil and gas industry including crude oil, gasoline, jet fuels, and diesel. It is resistant to NGL condensates, produced water, brines, and industrial process water. It can handle deionized water up to 180°F (82°C) and is applied at film thicknesses of 20-60 mils (500-1500 microns) in a non-blushing, single coat application. Tank Shield Plus has good elongation and proprietary reinforcement which enables it to bridge perforations which may occur from bottom side corrosion. Tank Shield Plus remains water tight over a hole in 2 atmospheres of head pressure. This product is also approved for use in potable water applications with tanks larger than 1000 gallons or pipes diameters larger than 12 inches.
SDS & Product Data Sheets
- Phenoline Tank Shield Plus PDS
- Phenoline Tank Shield Plus SDS Part A
- Phenoline Tank Shield Plus SDS Part B
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