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Product Details

Thermaline 4001
A single-component, high performance coating which has outstanding resistance to wet/dry cycling conditions at elevated temperatures. Film is internally reinforced with a combination of aluminum and micaceous iron oxide (MiO) flake for superior barrier and thermal shock resistance. While it is typically used to protect steel substrates under insulation operating up to 1200°F/649°C, it can also be used on non-insulated steel surfaces. It can handle cryogenic exposures and will cure effectively at ambient conditions to provide corrosion protection without additional heat curing. It has excellent chemical resistant properties to handle the corrosive effects of wet insulation under thermal cycling conditions. This product is recommended for CS-6 and SS-5 systems of NACE SP0198 Standard Practice for coatings to control corrosion under insulation (CUI).
SDS & Product Data Sheets
- Thermaline 4001 - Product Flyer
- Thermaline 4001 PDS
- Thermaline 4001 SDS
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