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Product Details

Carbotherm 551
Carbotherm 551 is a unique insulative composite coating formulated in a high temperature resistant epoxy binder. Unlike acrylic-based insulative materials it has superior toughness, hardness, impact resistance, chemical resistance and permeation resistance. It is therefore more suitable for industrial applications or other physically demanding environments. It is an ideal protective heat barrier to shield personnel from hot surfaces. It also inhibits heat transfer into or out of a structure. Its insulative properties keeps structures exposed to solar radiation significantly cooler. It can be used to minimize or eliminate condensation of pipes or other operating equipment. Its superior application properties of higher film build per coat and fewer coats offers savings and quicker return to service. Because it bonds directly to the surface (unlike standard insulation materials) it minimizes water entry and the effect of corrosion under insulation.
SDS & Product Data Sheets
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