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General Manufacturing/OEM

Carboline has been the leader in formulating environmentally responsible high performance coatings for over 60 years. Carboline has an extensive line of coatings offering cost-effective alternatives for protecting and finishing OEM products, tanks and equipment. Carboline's broad selection of products is designed to help minimize VOC and HAP's emissions as well as waste disposal. Our direct to metal formulations reduce labor costs, improve safety, increasing production and positively impact your bottom line.  Our ability to offer a combination of high performance protection, corrosion resistance and aesthetic value sets Carboline apart from the competition.

Carboline OEM Engineered Finishes group is a dedicated team that focuses entirely on servicing the needs of the OEM industry.  Our experience and understanding of the requirements involved in the production process as well as the performance requirements needed for the OEM market allows us to utilize our full line of high performance products to meet your needs. We understand how to help make your coating applications effective and efficient. Our technical sales engineers are available to help address material performance and optimizing your coating process.

General Manufacturing/OEM Projects

General Manufacturing/OEM Files

- OEM Market Brochure - OEM Trailer Brochure - OEM System Guide
- OEM Oil and Gas Field Equipment Brochure    


Additive 8504
Additive 8505
Additive 8506
Additive 8509
Carbocoat 115
Carbocoat 115 VOC
Carbocoat 116
Carbocoat 140
Carbocoat 150 Universal Primer
Carbocoat 153
Carbocoat 45 Industrial Enamel
Carbocoat 56
Carbocoat 70
Carbocoat 8215
Carbocoat 8215 VOC
Carbocoat 8229 Non-Lift Primer
Carbocoat 8239
Carbocoat 8245
Carbocoat 8259 WR
Carbocoat 8287 WR
Carbocoat OEM Universal Primer
Carbocrylic 1295 HS
Carbocrylic 3350
Carbocrylic 3357 HB
Carbocrylic 3358 MC
Carbocrylic 3359
Carbocrylic 3359 DTM
Carbocrylic 3359 MC
Carboguard 825
Carboguard 890
Carboguard 8922
Carboguard 8922 LH
Carboguard 904
Carbothane 133 FC
Carbothane 133 FLH
Carbothane 133 HB
Carbothane 134 Clear Coat
Carbothane 134 HS
Carbothane 134 WB
Carbothane 8812
Carbothane 8815
Carbothane 8832
Carbothane 8836 VOC
Carbothane 8843
Carbothane 8845
Carbothane 8845 FC
Carboweld 11
Carboxane 2100
Carboxane 2100 FC
Carbozinc 621
Carbozinc 808
Carbozinc 8701
Carbozinc 8703 (ASTM III)
Phenoline 309
Phenoline 310
Phenoline 380
Plasite 3073
Reactamine 760
Reactamine 760 HB